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Cybex Z Line - Modular Car Seat System & A Guide to Selecting Your Car Seat

August 15, 2020

Cybex Z Line - Modular Car Seat System & A Guide to Selecting Your Car Seat

At the forefront of Car Seat safety the Cybex Z Line Modular system is one of our best-selling car seat solutions. Here's why...


Safety meets elegance.

CYBEX car seats are a favourite choice to safeguard your child in the car. Crash-tested and awarded numerous prizes, they stand out with their revolutionary design. The CYBEX Z-line is a new family of car seats developed with maximum safety, ease of use and designed for optimum comfort for your little one. With the new CYBEX Z-line family, a new standard has been set in the area of side and front impact protection, merging them into a modular car seat system that outshine's all that came before it.

One Base, Two Seats

CYBEX Z-Line Modular System

The new Z-Line Modular System is testament to CYBEX commitment to design, safety and functionality. The CYBEX Z-Line is developed for maximum safety, built for minimum effort and designed for perfect comfort.

The Base Z is the secure variable base unit for both the CYBEX Cloud Z and Sirona Z, making this modular system suitable for children up to 4 years old. The unique, innovative rotation mechanism of the Base Z allows the car seat to be swivelled to the side of the car door for easier entry and exit.

The first of it’s kind, the Z-Line is a rotating modular system.

What should you consider when purchasing a car seat?

To get you started, here are some things you can consider:

* A car seat must be used from birth to 12 years (or 135cm), consider your baby’s predicted height or weight.

* Does your car have ISOFIX anchorage points? Check your vehicle and the vehicle manual book, this will help you understand the options that you have to install your infant car seat in the vehicle. Many vehicles are compatible with an ISOFIX base rather than a seat belt-only installation, taking away the worry of incorrectly fitting a car seat. Equally having the flexibility to ISOFIX and belt your seat in, can make life a little easier.

* Make sure that you check which car seats are compatible with your vehicle and others it may be used in.

* Would a rotating car seat make your life easier? Consider how often you will be placing baby in and taking them out of the car over the coming years!

* Does the car seat have a lie-flat function? This can be very handy when you intend to use a travel system to transfer a baby from car to pushchair, and return them, without disturbance.

Does the car seat offer an adjustable headrest? Our Cybex Aton 5 & Aton M and Cloud Z offer adjustable headrests with multiple settings to ensure your baby is always comfortable, even as they grow.

* How will your car seat fit into your lifestyle? Do you plan to use a baby car seat as part of a travel system, or would you be happy for the car seat to remain in the vehicle at all times? All of our Pushchairs have the option to be purchased as part of a Travel System including a Car Seat and Isofix base.

* How did the car seat score on ADAC and other safety tests?

* Does the car seat conform to the latest i-Size regulations?

* Is the base modular and can it be used with a second stage car seat? Cybex offer a modular system meaning that the base for your infant carrier will take the next stage car seat when your child has outgrown it. One of the latest and most unique to the market is the Cybex Z Line modular system, offering a rotating i-Size infant carrier, the Cloud Z.


Let us help you select your car seat.

Book your Personal Shopping Appointment today, where our experienced Team will talk you through your options.

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