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7 Perfect Gender Reveal Ideas

For all of the “mums-to-be” out there, pregnancy is one of the most exciting periods in your life filled with everyday changes to your body as your little baby grows. Even more magical is the moment you find out the gender of your baby, whether it be at your mid-pregnancy scan or if you left it a surprise until the day you give birth. For those expecting parents who decided to find out the gender ahead of time, there are a plethora of gender reveal ideas for parties and announcements to share the big news with family and friends. In addition, you can enlist the help of a trusted friend to keep the secret and help organize the occasion so you can find out the baby’s gender along with everyone else. Here is a roundup of our top 7 gender reveal ideas to celebrate your little one!

1. It’s all in the cake!

Keep the suspense going throughout your gender reveal party until the final cake cutting, having the inside of the cake revealing whether the baby is a boy or girl with the help of pink or blue food dye.

Gender Reveal Cake - Bygge Bo

Source:Lost Gen Y Girl

2. Break the piñata!

Let your older children break (literally!) the news to everyone of their baby sibling’s gender with a fun party piñata. Gender reveal piñatas are available on Etsy and Amazon or you can get crafty and make your own! The inside of the piñata can be filled with pink or blue candy, confetti, and other small trinkets for your guests to enjoy.

Gender Reveal Piñata - Bygge Bo


3. Let the balloons tell it all!

Pick up lettered balloons from your local party supply store to spell out your baby’s gender and some colored pink or blue balloons as well. Insert all of the balloons into a large box and use some tape to keep the top of the box secure until you are ready for the reveal. Don’t forget to decorate the exterior of the box to maintain the festive theme!

Gender Reveal Balloons - Bygge Bo

Source:The Cake by Hannah

4. Get Silly!

Pass it over to your family and friends to have a little fun and shower you in either blue or pink silly string to reveal the gender of your baby!

Gender Reveal Silly Spray - Bygge Bo

Source:Life As Meghan

5. Release the Confetti!

Provide everyone at your party with a neutrally labeled confetti popper and let your family and friends release a colourful pop to reveal your baby’s gender! 

Gender Reveal Confetti Popper - Bygge Bo

Source:For Every Mom

6. Let the odds be ever in your favor!

For those who like to take a gamble, consider incorporating gender reveal scratch cards.As well as being a great idea for parties, these are brilliant to send to family and friends who may live far away!

Gender Reveal Scratch Cards - Bygge Bo


7. Send it snail mail!

Perhaps you are not planning a gender reveal party, but instead want a nice flat lay design to mail friends and family the news or announce on social media.You can incorporate blue and pink props, clothing, and even your ultrasound photo to share the exciting news. Bygge Bo items such as the Cam Cam Copenhagen Bunting FlagsJellycat Bashful Bunny and the Blue Rocking Horse Jumper would be a perfect addition for your photo!

Gender Reveal Flat Lay - Bygge Bo

Source:Instagram @ThatGoldBee


Hope you enjoyed reading our 7 Perfect Gender Reveal Ideas! If there are any other ideas we missed, please be sure to let us know in the comments.

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