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Sustainable Design, A Trend Shaping the Future of Baby Furniture and Nursery Design

Sustainable Design, A Trend Shaping the Future of Baby Furniture and Nursery Design

For many, making their home ready for a baby is also about decorating the nursery or baby cave. Depending on how your home is decorated, the ‘nursery’ could also just be a corner in the bedroom or living room. The baby does not need an actual room of its own at first. However, for most people, it is convenient for them to have their baby’s things gathered in one place, rather than throughout the home. Which is why the design of the nursery – wherever it may be – can be an important part of preparing for the baby’s arrival. And it’s also a lot of fun. Because even though the room may not be used that much in the beginning, the mental preparation can be important, and the process of decorating the nursery can help to make being a parent, perhaps for the first time, more concrete. Maybe you already know your baby’s gender. Maybe not? No matter what your baby’s gender,Bygge Bo has outlined a variety of options in terms of style, functionality and decor. 

Sebra Changing Unit


Must have Item No.1 - A Practical & Stylish Baby Changing Station
A Dresser
A changing unit is a workstation where there should be room for presence and enjoying special time together. But in many cases, the practicality can overshadow the decor.  Ideally choose a unit that converts to remove the changing element, this means you have a piece of storage furniture as your child grows. Here, we offer some suggestions on how you can easily and simply decorate your changing area in a stylish yet practical way.

Dresser - Bygge Bo’s Top Picks: 
Sebra Changing Dresser ( Also available  with Drawers)
Place one or more shelves over the changing unit. This gives you the opportunity to decorate a bit while also creating extra storage space for baby things. As your child's interests change, these shelves are a great place to display their favourite toys, books and things.
Shelves - Bygge Bo’s Top Picks:
Kids Room Shelving Ideas

Small storage baskets, or other small tubs/ organisers can be good to have on and near the changing unit. It is important that you have everything you need to change nappies and care for your baby within reach. Small containers can help you keep track of washcloths, cotton pads, dummies, baby brushes, Vitamin D drops, rubbing alcohol, thermometer, etc. Storage baskets are super flexible, and can be used for so many purposes as your child grows and as their collection of toys and things grow!

Storage Baskets - Bygge Bo’s Top Picks: 

Cam Cam Quilted Storage Baskets

Done By Deer Soft Storage Baskets

Quax Bamboo & PET Fabric Basket


Nursery Room Storage 

Create your own compartments for the changing unit’s drawers or shelves. 

Recycle shoe boxes and line them with nice wrapping paper, printed paper or coloured cardboard and create your very own decor style while also keeping track of baby socks, bodysuits and cloth muslins. Top tip: Use leftover wallpaper from your nursery decoration, to create matching storage boxes.


A Canopy

Think about hanging a canopy to make nappy changes peaceful and calm, flowing organic cottons bring a softness and texture to your space and later the canopy can be repurposed to create a cosy reading nook for your toddler.


Canopy - Bygge Bo’s Top Picks: 

Sebra Honey Mustard Canopy

Cam Cam Copenhagen Bed Canopy

Oyoy Ronja Canopy

Bed & Reading Nook Canopy


Must have Item No.2 - A Beautiful, Safe & Cosy Bed

Choosing the right baby bed is also a good family investment –  opt for a classic design that never goes out of fashion, something that its history only serves to underscore. A bed that not only can be used for many years by your child, but also by several generations. It thus grows not only with your child, but also with your family.


The Sebra Bed

A product loved by Bygge Bo and their customers alike is theSebra Baby & Junior Convertible Bed. Ideal to be used from birth this three height adjustable mattress can be lowered as your child grows, later remove a side to give your toddler a little more room to move and finally, extend the bed out from 3 years up to approximately 7 or 8 years. The best part is that the mattress comes with a wedge extension so you don’t even need to purchase a new mattress when the bed is extended.

Sebra Baby and Junior Bed

The Oliver Bed 

Innovative sustainable design is what defines ourOliver Mini+ Basic Wood Bed. The Wood Mini+ is a curated selection of convertible beds perfect for growing children and expanding families. The Mini+ basic is the ultimate first bed for your child, designed to follow your child's sleeping needs from baby to 9 years. From classic cot bed to junior bed, Mini+ basic can be set in five different bed versions at no extra cost – a bed with a long lifespan.The Mini+ Basic Bed can also convert into 2 beds with the use of a sibling conversion kit, for when you need a cot and a toddler bed! How clever is that! 

Oliver Furniture

 The SnuzKot

Our Snuz range of beds offer simple and stylish sleeping solutions from birth right up to 10 years with the purchase of an option extension kit. Designed to last, everySnuzKot is made using natural beech wood, without the use of MDF or veneer.You can complete your nursery with a matching changing unit for a cute coordinated look.


Snuzkot at Bygge Bo


Must have Item No.3 - The Finishing Touches

Here at Bygge Bo, we are all about practicality and functionality, but the most fun part of creating the ‘Baby Cave’ is injecting personality and colour, through the use of accessories, toys and fabrics.

A Statement Rug 

A character rug is both super fun and a great place for playing jigsaws and puzzles.Top tip: Opt for a higher wool count for durability.

Keeping your walls in a neutral colour using a toxin-free plant based paint such as Biofa Primasol, then adding some wall decor and art adds a non-permanent pop of colour, which can be easily swapped out throughout the years as and when you want a refresh or as your child's interests change.

This statement wall rug, in a rainbow print brings a splash of colour but could quite easily move throughout your home without looking super kiddie.


Wall Rug

Nursery Design


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