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Myrtle & Maude, Lactation Milk Flow Support Herbal Tea

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Harnessing nature’s power to gently nurture you and your bundle of joy, all Myrtle & Maude products showcase unique blends of all-natural, high-quality, organic ingredients.

They have created a nutritious blend in this Lactation Milk Flow Support Herbal Tea of carefully selected herbs to help boost and support healing and fight fatigue for mothers after birth and to help promote a healthy supply of breast milk during nursing.

    Nourishment and replenishment are essential after birth. Myrtle & Maude have created a nutritious blend, regulated by our qualified herbalist, utilising herbs high in nutrients to help boost healing and fight fatigue for mothers after birth and carefully selected plants with the properties that help promote breast milk flow.


    • Caffeine Free
    • Certified Organic
    • Certified Vegan
    • Ethical Tea Partnership
    • Free from artificial colours and flavourings
    • Discreet Shipping Packaging
    • 100% Natural
    • Each pouch contains 15 tea bags

    Fenugreek 17%, Aniseed 17%, Fennel Seed 17%, German Chamomile 17%, Caraway Seed 16%, Nettle Leaf 16%

    Each pouch contains 15 tea bags – As each bag contains whole leaves, herbs, flowers and fruits, don’t throw it away after one use, why not top it up throughout the day by adding water to get the most out of the botanicals.

    Myrtle & Maude’s range employs the uplifting, soothing and settling powers of plants and herbs to combat the trials and tribulations of pregnancy.

    Your safety is our priority. All Myrtle & Maude products are formulated and regulated by a qualified herbalist. We know the natural world, and take inspiration from the earth and its raw beauty to provide handmade, unique blends, created to provide comfort and wellbeing. The highly-trained team in our nature labs are specialist growers, pruners, pickers, blenders and everything in-between. We are proud of our craft and prefer to only source high-quality, natural ingredients.

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